First wonderful meeting

Very exciting to complete the first video meeting with the professor Steen! We had an hour-long discussion about various aspects of the course project. The professor Steen is so nice. When I didn’t catch some words, he would be thoughtful to type in the chat box.

It’s my first time using Zoom. If this is your first time using it too, I recommend this very practical and clear video to you.

I summarize the following points in our meeting:

  1. Through a complete and simple neural network practiced in Python to explain the theory. (How to build your own neural network)

  2. Add some physical interaction to the course to help with the teaching. (eg, network packet switching)

  3. Make short, fun videos to teach.

  4. Projects we can refer to

    • Chaoqing’s Slides;

    • The red hen lab’s NLP Dataset.

  5. Raspberry Pi:

    • Run our own neural network!

    • Use it as a local server in class to provide students with relevant materials to download.

  6. The course will be used on July 15. We can give feedback on the prototype that has been completed.

So in this week, I will adjust the course content according to what we discussed and start crafting the first lesson.

By the way, the professor Steen said that he would come to Beijing, China during the summer. If the time is available, I hope we can meet in Beijing together!

Week 1~2 Plan