Hello, I am Xinyu(Azure) You, a software engineer and a growing data scientist. My Life motto is: to create, to experience.

I become interested in computers when I was at elementary school. At that time, the computer was still a big box and I was crazy about playing StarCraft with my friends.

When I was in high school, the smartphone appeared and I was attracted by this small rectangular box. With interest, I chose Software Engineering as my major.

Because I enjoyed the process of implementing my ideas by hand, I began to develop iOS App in college and launched my first App. Luickly, in my senior year, I interned in two companies in Beijing, China as a software engineer. I had a chance to participate in the development of billion-level App. In those experience, I learned about the path of industrial-level software development and made many friends.

Now, the wave of artificial intelligence is here. In simple terms, for traditional software, most of it is logical coding. We write code to teach computer how to do each step. It’s Clear, concise, and elegant.

While AI gives the machine certain self-study ability, which is learnning from data, somehow like humans, learning from mistakes, iteratively reducing the probability of making mistakes. Data Science gives us new insights. It’s interesting, isn’t it?

This is why I fall in love with CS.

What I am doing Now?

Starting my journey of Google Summer of Code 2019, I will complete a deep learning course for humanists. Continue work with my postgraduate project: intended to effectively apply static code analysis to guide and improve student code quality. Write technical blog. Learning data analysis and machine learning. Review algorithms and data structures. Crafting a mysterious iOS APP, which is expected to be available by the end of may. Take pictures, take pictures, take pictures. Occasionally photography. Update 05/16/2019